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Ankara Sivas HST tickets sold out

All tickets of Ankara Sivas HST, which was commissioned yesterday and started service today, are sold out from the first day.

Ankara Sivas high speed train, which started service today after the ceremony held yesterday, will be free of charge until 31st of May. As of today noon, all tickets of this period are sold out in both directions.

Ankara Sivas HST departs 3 times a day in each direction. Service is given by new Siemens sets having a capacity of 483 passengers. If all ticket owners use the train, 100 thousand passengers will have travelled until end of May.

Though free travel provides popularization of new line and introducing such big projects, there’s a risk of non-usage of tickets. A policty like giving one free roundtrip ticket per person during this time would increase the usage percentange and provides more people test the service for free.

Ankara Sivas high speed train route and timetable

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