Samsun Sivas train departed

Samsun Sivas regional train service started after 8 years.

On rail strech connecting Samsun to national network, all trains were suspended in 2015 due to renewal works, only freight trains restarted in 2018 after renewal works completed, 2 short distance regional services started last year on Samsun-Havza-Amasya section and at last Samsun Sivas regional train started as of today.

For the moment trains depart 3 times a week in each direction. As the service started, Samsun has been connected to national rail network via passenger trains. Using Ankara Sivas HST, main line trains departing from Ankara in eastern direction and Sivas-Divrigi regional service, it can be travelled to several destinations from Samsun by rail.

The biggest disappointment about Samsun Sivas service was the travel time. During renewal works, it was told that travel time will go down from 9.5 hours to 5 hours, but it’s realized as 8 hours. In the past, standard coaches with 2+1 seats pulled by locos were being used. Now service is given by 2+2 DMUs which are not as comfortable as coaches for long travels.

The service was daily in the past where now it’s 3 times a week. However, supported by Ankara Sivas HST, the number of departures is expected to be increased as demand rises.

Samsun Sivas train route and timetable

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Given the choice of a engine rumbling under my seat on one of TCDD awful MT DMU i think the coach journey may be a lot better, and take a fraction of the time, from Sivas to Samsun.
    Such a long journey on a DMU is a TCDD disgrace just like the night service Goller Eksp from Izmir to Denizli and Isparta


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