Railway Infrastructure

Holiday time for Halkali

Halkali, the Europe-wide known railway terminal of Turkey, is planned to be kept closed to trains during summer.

Hopefully, it’ll open again in September, after renewing the lines between Cerkezkoy and Halkali.

During that time, all trains coming from Europe will either stop at Cerkezkoy, or will pass to Asian side by ferry.

Çerkezköy seems more ready compared with last year. Of course, nobody expects a similar service as Halkali in that small terminal. But the worse is, none of the clients seem to accept the additional cost of trucking, even for 3 months.

Derince, on the other hand, is looking forward to facing with heavy traffic as in old days. Missing the old days, Derince seems to be an important alternative during summer.

Whatever, the railway forwarders become keen on dealing with suprises and problems. So, do not worry for us Halkali, and enjoy your summer holiday.


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