Railway Infrastructure

Wagons on board: Tekirdag Derince ferry departed

The Tekirdag Derince Ferry departed yesterday from Derince and arrived to Tekirdag successfully.

This transport was the first attempt to test all renewal and construction works both in Tekirdag and Derince, and today tests in Tekirdag Port will be done. This means TCDD is about to start the ferry service between Tekirdag and Derince, and loads coming from Europe may cross Marmara sea and reach to Asian side on wagons.

Unfortunately, further transport by rail is still not possible, since there’s a construction work on way, between Derince and Sapanca, which is supposed to complete soon.

The connection between Asia and Europe by rail had cut in February 2012. A year ago, the ferry service was done, but did not continue. The start of ferry service was announced first on May 2013, and had several postpones until today.


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