Rail Freight

Tekirdag Derince ferry tariff

After a long period of silence, Tekirdag Derince ferry is about to start regular service.

Yes, the ports, ramps, the ferry, and the staff is ready for boarding. What about you? Are you ready to pay for it? Here’s the tariff of ferry for international transports:

Standard Loads, Safety/Accompany Wagons, Brand New Wagons : 22 €/to

Dangerous Goods (RID 2) : 47 €/to

Empty Private Wagons and Wagons Carrying Empty Containers : 11 €/to

Private Transport (Must for RID 1 and 7) : 22,490 €

Please note that TCDD may change the tariff every 6 months. But nothing is heard about a rate change in 2014.

Please also note that the minimum chargeable weight is 28 to/wagon in Tekirdag Derince Ferry, no matter the wagons are 2 or 4 axles.


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