68 - Kaklık Lojistik Merkezi - OnurRailway Infrastructure

2023 targets in rail freight – Logistic centers

One of the remarkable targets of Transportation Ministry in 2023 Strategy is the logistic centers.

Unquestionably, deorganized and non-railway-connected industry is a big barrier for the development of railways in Turkey. If railway connected logistic centers can be center of attraction for the relocating Turkish industry due to incentives and urbanization, railway transportation in Turkey, mostly limited with mining and container, can break its walls.

The 18 logistic centers (although different numbers declared in different sources, TCDD’s website is used) to be constructed by TCDD and completed till 2023 are listed as follows:

68 - Türkiye Lojistik Köyler - TCDD

Let’s look at these logistic centers deeper:

What’s inside?

Logistic centers – completed
Logistic centers – 1st phase completed
Logistic centers – under construction or planned

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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