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2023 targets in rail freight – Logistic centers

Completed logistic centers

Halkali Logistic Center (Istanbul)

The terminal is currently closed to railway traffic because of construction works. It’s also the most important exports customs for trucks, but it’ll soon move to the new place in Ambarli. The terminal is in the middle of residences and will be an important stop for Marmaray passengers. So the future of Halkali as a logistic center for railway is also under discussion. Nonetheless, with strong customs, closed warehouses, a number of park lines, being the nearest terminal to industry, Halkali has been the last stop for almost all container trains from Europe. Terminal is established on 1m sqm, and 800k to was carried by rail in 2012. The most important change in terminal was the reconstruction of warehouses. Last month, there was a new tender of construction on 200k sqm of Halkali terminal.

Gelemen Lojistik Merkezi (Samsun)

The first phase of the center opened in 2007. It’s an important transition point for the loads to Russia and Kazakhistan. The total area for center is 350k sqm and target is to increase the traffic from 500k to to 1100k to. Realizations are 854k to in 2008, 597k to in 2011, 600k to in 2012. The long connection of Gelemen to west side of Turkey and the axle change in Russian wagons cause most of the loads to move in Turkey by truck and transshipped to Russian wagons in port, and limits the contribution of logistic center.

Usak Logistic Center

Established on 140k sqm, and has a target of doubling the traffic which is 113k to. Although stated as “completed”, last month, the president of Chambers of Industry and Commerce was complaining about the lack of railway connections to industry.

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