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2023 targets in rail freight – Logistic centers

Logistic centers with 1st phase completed

Kosekoy Logistic Center (Izmit)

Kosekoy is closed to railway traffic since 2012. Before that, especially Omsan trains and exports to Iran were being organized. When it’s completed, the total area of terminal will be 765k sqm, where now it’s 115k sqm. With the completion, the annual load flow will increase to 1.5m to from 600k to. TCDD had completed the preparations about bounded area recently and started the official process. Not having a separate customs may be a disadvantage. Planned to serve to Gebze-Izmit-Sakarya-Bursa regions. Its future will be determined by the effective and cheap customs, trucking and ferry services.

Hasanbey Logistic Center (Eskisehir)

The total area for the center is 630k sqm. It’s not opened yet. Is next to industrial region and has railway connection. Probably will be opened before elections. Annual load flow is planned to increase from 215k to 515k to.

Bogazkopru Logistic Center (Kayseri)

Bogazkopru Logistic Center is next to Kayseri Industry Region, and currently is being organized the longest container trains to Mersin. The railway connection passing through the city center will be shifted to out of city which will support logistic center as well. The construction started in 2009, and is planned to be ready in following months. When all completed, the total area will be 1.5m sqm and loads handled will reach to 1.7m to (currently it’s 700k to). The handling, storage and trucking is being held by a private company for a long time.

Kaklik Logistic Center (Denizli)

Kaklik is under construction. Last announcement about the opening of center was end of this year. Total area is planned to be 120k sqm, and the load flow is planned to increase from 150k to 500k to. Textile has an important place in Denizli industry, effective connections to container lines is essential for center.

Logistic centers planned/under construction

Construction works started at Gökköy logistics center (Balıkesir), Yenice logistics center (Mersin) and Türkoğulu logistics center (Kahramanmaraş).

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