88 - Derince Limanı - EksperRailway Infrastructure

Railway connected ports of Turkey


Izmir Port, situated in Aagean Sea, within the city Izmir. Operated by TCDD. Densely used by cruise and container lines. In 2012, 289 cruise ships visited, 700k TEU handled, 9.3 million tonnes handled in total.

The railway lines that connect Izmir Port to national railway network is also used by Izmir municipality for mass transportation. Furthermore, storage area of port is hardly enough for the current container traffic. Thus, railway usage is limited with container traffic in general.

İzmir Limanı

İzmir Limanı


Nemport, situated in Aegean Sea, 55 km to the north of Izmir. The first private container port of the region. No direct railway connection to port. But Bicerova Railway Terminal is 800mt away. And there’s a container storage area of port, which is next to railway terminal. Thus, containers are being transported to/from port by rail.



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