88 - Derince Limanı - EksperRailway Infrastructure

Railway connected ports of Turkey

Samsun Port

Samsun Port, situated in the south of Black Sea, in city of Samsun. Privatized in 2010. Operated by Ceynak. The biggest port of Turkey in Black Sea. Great portion of trade with Russia is done via this port. Ro-Ro vessels are also using this port.

There is a rail ferry service to Kavkaz from Samsun Port. The ramp allows to unload the Russian wagons to port. There are lines for both standart gauge and broad gauge in port. There’s also a axle-change station in port.

Samsun Port

Samsun Port

TTK Zonguldak

TTK Zonguldak Port, situated at the southwest of Black Sea, in the city of Zonguldak. Operated by Turkish Coal Company. Port is being used by general cargo and bulk cargo vessels as well as the Ro-Ro vessels to Ukrain. Port is railway connected, and has a warehouse for coal loads. Port has also a ferry ramp, but not being used for the time being.

TTK Zonguldak Limanı

TTK Zonguldak Limanı

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