88 - Derince Limanı - EksperRailway Infrastructure

Railway connected ports of Turkey

Railway connected ports are not a few in Turkey.

This work is updated and republished in 2017. Click to read the new version.

However, only a few of them are able to use those connections very effectively and for even less, loads transported by rail has a considerable share in total volume.

Railway connections generally exist in ports once build by government (most of them have been privatized). A few private ones have limited connections. But more have updating their long-term plans according to expectation of growth in railway transportation.

Railway connected ports in Turkey are as follows:

Türkiye Demiryolu Bağlantılı Limanlar, Harita: TCDD, İllustrasyon: Rail Turkey

What’s inside?

Ports at Marmara sea
Ports at Eagean Sea
Ports at Mediterranean Sea
Ports at Black Sea

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©

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