Railway Connected Ports of Turkey

Railway connected ports are not a few in Turkey. However, only a few of them are able to use those connections very effectively and for even less, loads transported by rail has a considerable share in total volume.

Railway connections generally exist in ports once build by government (most of them have been privatized). A few private ones have limited connections. But more have updating their long-term plans according to expectation of growth in railway transportation.

Railway connected ports in Turkey are as follows:

Mediterrenean Sea : Limak Port Iskenderun, Mersin Port. Also Isdemir has its own port which is railway connected.

Aegean Sea : Izmir Port, Nemport

Black Sea : Samsunport, TTK Zonguldak Port

Marmara Sea : Derince Port, Evyap Port, Haydarpasa Port, Port of Bandirma,  Tekirdag Port and Yilport Yarimca. Also Tupras, Gubretas and Petrol Ofisi have their own ports which are railway connected.

Here are some more information about the Turkish ports which are railway connected:

Map: Onur Uysal



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