Car Carriers at Turkey, Photo: Konsped ©Railway Companies

Car carriers at Derince

Derince, one of the most important ports for finished vehicle logistics and frequently used by car carrying vessels for both imports and exports, had passed extra ordinary days last week.

89 - Oto Taşıma Vagonları, Foto: Konsped ©

Car carriers, Photo: Konsped ©

Two trains carrying about 400 finished vehicles arrived to Derince Port with the cooperation of BLG, Schenker and Hödlmayr.

Brand new Skoda cars, which have been transported by sea until now, this time transported by train, by double deck car carriers to Turkey. Tekirdag Derince Ferry which recently started regular service had taken the wagons to Derince Port. Derince Port is a very suitable port for finished vehicles because of its location near to almost all storage areas of automotive companies and its large storage area for cars within the port.

Trains departed from Czech Republic had arrived to Derince in 5 days.

The transportation told to be completed in a very short time compared with vessels, and with almost zero defect by the help of effective planning and no delays at borders.

Double deck car carriers are the most common way of carrying cars by rail. These wagons have different types with length up to 30 meters. There are open wagons, as used in this transport, and closed ones as well.

Transportation of cars by rail was being done once by Veva Logistics, a joint venture company by STVA and Vega Trans. Veva organized more than 100 block trains with its private platform wagons. Passenger cars and light commercials of Fiat and Ford were carried to Romania from Kosekoy Terminal. In 2007, Borusan had used double-deck car carriers, first time in Turkey, for the transport of Peugeot passenger cars from Iran to Turkey, Kosekoy terminal.

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