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10 new high speed train sets are coming

TCDD recently announced a new tender for 10 new high speed train sets.

Due to the opening of Istanbul –Ankara and Istanbul-Konya high speed train services in the beginning of this summer, TCDD needs to strengthen its high speed train fleet in a short time.

Currently TCDD has 12 already-running CAF sets and 1 soon-to-run Siemens Velaro set. TCDD also has a contract of 6 more Siemens Velaro sets to be added to its fleet in following years.

Due to the regulations about procurement, TCDD cannot limit the tender with existing brands. Therefore it may be possible that other brands are added to the fleet.

Deadline for the tender is 5th of May 2014. The winner of the tender is supposed to deliver first of 10 trains by the end of 9th month after agreement and complete the order by the end of 15th month by delivering at least 1 set each month in between.

Considering the time for production of high speed trains, the companies without finished or in-process inventory will hardly fulfill the terms.

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    • 25th of July. There has been several delays because of attacks to the lines and because of tight schedule of PM. But no more delay is expected

  1. im so grate full for the ten new high speed train sets cant wait to see and purchase them!


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