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T1/T2 era in railways

Rail Cargo started a new era in railways by using T1 for the first time in container train to Germany and T2 in container train to Turkey, which is cooperated by Balo.

As known, T1/T2 documents are used within the framework of New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) which enables usage of common transit terms of EU countries by third countries. Since, until now, almost all container trains pass through Serbia, a non-EU country, usage of T1/T2 documents was not possible. Rail Cargo solved this barrier by using the route via Romania instead of Serbia.

The containers coming with T2 document can arrive to final customs office without preparing any other documents. Thus, containers do not need any other document even at the arrival station to be delivered to another customs office by truck.

Ms Aybike Oke, the Intermodal Manager of Rail Cargo Turkey told that all transit procedures are done much faster and the containers arrived to Cerkezkoy can be transhipped to Erenkoy within te same day by the help of T2 docs. They had a very hard work to start this process, so told Ms Oke, and the result is very satisfying with savings in customs transhipment costs and shorten the transit time by one day. “We start a new era”, she added.

T2 doc provides the assurance of shipper instead of TCDD, thus no additonal assurance is requested for trucks to tranship the loads. This process will not only provide advantages in terms of cost and transit time, but may also opens another gate for container trains, which are limited with the customs services in arrival terminal until now.

Cover Photo: Balo ©


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