Flood stopped trains in Serbia

A series of flooding events last week affected a large area in Southeast Europe, particularly Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trains between Europe and Turkey which are using the Serbian route had to stop since 14th of May, and seems to wait a few days more, due to the railways under water.

Floods mainly affected railways in two regions, Nis and Belgrade. Railway authorities announced an opening in a few days. However, as we’re informed by a railway professional in Serbia, floods had caused torn off in some parts which may postpone the opening.

Some of the container block trains are already using Corridor 7 via Romania which prevent them from any delays. Some others which used to use Serbia routed their trains to Romania due to this closure.

Single wagon traffic to/from Turkey had completely stopped due to floods.

Flood In Serbia. Photo: Aktron / Wikimedia Commons
Flood In Serbia. Photo: Aktron / Wikimedia Commons


Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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