115 - Şişecam treni Konya istasyonunda - OnurRailway Companies

Railway friendly companies in Turkey: Sisecam

Although the freight share of railway in Turkey is still very weak, there are several companies using railway very frequently, one of which is Sisecam.

Sisecam is one of the companies using railway effectively with special projects both in inbound and outbound logistics.

Sisecam is using railways for inbound loads to its sites in Bursa, Ankara, Eskisehir and Luleburgaz. Total volume of these loads reach to 350.000 tons, which is equivalent to 14.000 truck loads.

Within them, the greatest share is the soda transport from Mersin Soda Sanayii to Sisecam Site at Eskisehir with 60.000 tons.

This transport used to be done by truck once in big bags, which now is being carried in special produced tank containers.

The transport is being done by KLN Logistics. General Manager Mr Ozcan Salkaya told that the preparement for this transport took 2 years, and transport started after succesfull trials and then spreaded to other sites of Sisecam.

Transportation of soda to Eskisehir by railway means 2400 less truck loads on roads annually, and 1300 tons less carbondioxide on air.* This amount could be absorved by a forest of 581 acres in one year.

Of course, there are several more contribution to economy and social environment by less truck on way and no more big bags.

This fascination photo of soda train was recently taken by the project team. The viaduct in photo is Varda Viaduct in Adana Province. Started to be build in 1907 by German engineers, as a part of Istanbul-Bagdat railway line and completed in 1912. Viaduct is 172 meters long and 98 meters high (see Wikipedia).

656 - Soda Treni Varda Köprüsü - KLN Lojistik

Sisecam train on Vardar Viaduct Photo: KLN Lojistik

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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