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Leading industrial enterprises grow with railway

Istanbul Chamber of Industry announced the 500 leading industrial enterprises of Turkey.

The top of the list differs from the others not only with the turnovers, but also with railway preference in transportation. Here’s the railway-friendly companies at the top of list:

Tupras, #1 in list, transported 700k to in 2012 with trains, is willing to grow with railway in the future. Thus the company agreed with Legios for 100 tank wagons, and more is supposed to come in following years.

Ford, #2 in list, established its inbound logistics mainly on railway for more than 10 years, and now shifted to a system roro+train beginning with 2013.

Arcelik, #4 in list, has a enormous logistic movement with several sites, Turkey-wide distribution and strong imports-exports to/from Europe. Although all this movement is still mainly based on trucks, railway containers have an considerable share in Arcelik’s European traffic.

Iskenderun Demir Celik (Isdemir), #8 in list, is one of the few railway connected companies in Turkey. In 2012, Isdemir’s 2.9 million to iron ore is carried by railway. That is more than 10% of the total railway load in Turkey.

Icdas, #9 in list, has a strong railway usage with ownership of more than 100 wagons, and 250k to transported by railway in 2012.

Although rest of the “Top 10” enterprices is not using railways, they are also interested in.

Oyak-Renault, #3 in list, having an important traffic between France, Romania and Turkey only based on trucks, Renault is working on intermodal solutions for a while.

Tofas, #6 in list, used to use railway for inbound traffic from Europe for a long time. Although trucks are now being used, intermodal options are still on table.

Aygaz, #10 in list, used railway succesfully for exporting LPG to Iraq, but the railway connection to Iraq is closed for more than a year.

Cover Photo: Tüpraş ©


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