20 - ArgüRailway Companies

Leading railway companies in Turkey 2012 – Railcar owners

For over a decade, private railcars have been supported by TCDD, offering a considerable discount in railway freight. With that policy, a lot of second hand wagons  of “East Europe” had been imported. By 2012, 3025 of total 19858 freight wagons in Turkey are owned by private companies, and in 2012, 6 of total 25.7 million ton load is carried by these wagons.

The top 10 list of railcar owner railway logistic companies according to Top 100 Customers of TCDD list is as follows:

20 - Özel vagon işletmecileri

Ar-Gu, the biggest private railway company of Turkey with 615 wagons (257 Rgs, 165 Sgs, 94 Regs and 99 Laagrs), a subsidiary of Turkey’s biggest maritime company Arkas, is first in this list. With more than 1 million tons, it has a share of 4% in all railway market.

Baytek, another railway company, with 150 wagons and 850 containers, had transported more than 600k to. Baytek, mainly focused in internal Anatolia region, in cement and construction transportation, is 2nd in this segment, and 11th in total list.

Turkon Railway, a subsidiary of Turkon Group mainly has operations in maritime transportation, is 3rd in this segment. Turkon Railway has 130 railcars, and 700 containers. Although one of its big clients, Omsan, had decided to go with its own equipments in 2013, being the main railway logistics provider of Sisecam Group, Turkon Railway seems to keep its place in 2013 too.

Koktaslar, a subsidiary of Akkok Group, mainly serving for chrome transportation with 52 wagons and containers is 4th in the list with more than 400k to in 2012.

Proservis Ekspress is 5th in the list. The company not only owns 70 wagons for container transportation, but has also 20 closed wagons. Operations are mainly in Denizli, Afyon and Ankara.

Rayser, is 6th in list with more than 300k to in 2012. Company has 135 Ga (the biggest private covered fleet in Turkey), 34 Rgs wagons and 113 containers. Other than the standard “railway loads”, Rayser is carrying fruits from south (Mersin) to north (Samsun).

Transtur is differentiated with its 121 tans wagons from other railway companies. Only focused in fuel transportation by rail, it had reached to 200k to in 2012.

Reysas, one of the biggest logistic companies in Turkey, has also the second biggest railway fleet with 284 wagons. Reysas announced this year investment in railway logistics with the order of 60 brand new Tulomsas wagons.

Aslan Shipping is 9th in this segment. It has 130 Sgss and Sgmmsps wagons and organizing project based intermodal transportation.

Serfirat, the sister company of Rayser, is 10th in railcar owners and transported almost 150k to in 2012. Company has more than 100 wagons, mainly for container transportation.

The other equipment owner companies in top 100 list of TCDD are Kale, Asfer, Oraysan, Eti Logistics and 3S. Totally these 15 companies had a share of 18% with 4.5 million to in 2012*.

The list is generally stable and is not changing radically. The changes will of course either occur by contract shifts from one company to another (is not likely) or new clients shifting to railway. The transportation policy started to encourage customers to invest in railway nowadays, and we’ll face with the consequences in the following years, but not 2013.

* The rest (1.5 million ton) of volume carried by private wagons belong to clients own both load and wagon and working directly with TCDD without using railway logistic company in between. The list of the clients working directly with TCDD will be the topic of next article.

Cover Photo: Ar-Gü ©


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