Map of Railway Closures in Turkey, Illustration: Rail TurkeyRailway Infrastructure

Where is closed in Turkish railways?

Railway professionals in Turkey have been suffering from railway construction works for a long time. “Can we reach to”, “When will it open” are the most frequently asked questions especially in last 2 years.

The ones especially handling international traffic have great difficulties in explaining the restrictions due to construction works.

Thus, Rail Turkey presents the full up-to-date closure program of TCDD showing the construction work points on Turkish railway map:

Map of Railway Closures in Turkey, Illustration: Rail Turkey

Map of Railway Closures in Turkey, Illustration: Rail Turkey

Line Deadline Schedule
a Cerkezkoy-Muratli-Alpullu Unknown Closed between 08:00-17:00
b Halkali-Cerkezkoy Unknown Completely closed
c Kazlicesme-Halkali Unknown Completely closed
d Haydarpasa-Derince Unknown Completely closed
e Kosekoy-Arifiye Unknown Completely closed
f Arifiye-Pamukova-Bozuyük Unknown Closed between 07:00-18:00
g Kutahya-Eskisehir 16.05.2014 Closed between 14:15-17:15
h Kutahya-Degirmisaz 16.05.2014 Closed between 08:30-17:30
i Gokcedag-Nusrat Unknown Closed between Monday 18:00 – Saturday 06:00
j Savastepe-Sogucak 12.06.2014 Closed Mon-Thu 19:00-07:00, Fri-Sun 21:40-04:20
k Alayunt-Afyon Unknown Closed between 08:30-19:30
l Afyon-Cay 13.06.2014 Closed between 08:00-16:00
m Bozkurt-Dinar Unknown Completely closed
n Sultandagi-Argithan 16.05.2014 Closed between 08:30-12:00 and 13:00-16:00
o Eskisehir-Hasanbey Unknown Open between 21:00-23:00 and 04:00-06:00
p Yalinli-Beylikkopru 10.09.2014 Closed between 08:00-16:00
q Ulku-Cankiri 31.12.2014 3 days closed, 2 days open
r Filyos-Karabuk 31.08.2014 Closed between 08:00-18:00
s Zonguldak-Filyos 31.08.2014 Closed between 09:00-16:30
t Samsun-Ladik 14.08.2014 Closed between 09:30-15:00
u Ulukisla-Gumus 31.12.2014 Closed between 12:00-17:00
v Beyoglu-Fevzipasa 25.05.2014 Closed between 06:00-14:00
x Alp-Erzincan-Demirkapi 29.08.2014 Closed between 08:40-17:45
y Koprukoy-Horasan-Sarikamis 25.07.2014 One section closed between 09:00-12:30, other 16:00- 20:00
z Tatvan – Bahcetepe Unknown Closed between 08:00-16:00



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