Rail Freight

TCDD will support intercontinental transports

TCDD announced a new discount for railway transports between Europe and Asia. Valid from 01.07.2014, TCDD will make 20-25% discount in international tariff for single wagons that are using Tekirdag-Derince ferry.

With this, TCDD aims to restart the lost traffic due to disconnection between two continents and construction works on Kosekoy-Bozuyuk line.

The discount for ferry tariff which is announced on February will continue till the end of the year. On February, TCDD decreased the ferry tariff of single wagons from 22 €/to to 17 €/to.

Furthermore, to be valid from 01.07.2014, TCDD will make a discount of 20% to railway freight (excluding ferry) if total railway distance is upto 300 km. If distance is more than 300 km, the discount will be 25%. This means a discount up to 18 €/to for the transit loads between Europe and Iran.

As written several times in Rail Turkey, transportation between Europe and Asia had stopped for a long time due to Marmaray project. After ferry starts, wagons rarely cross Marmara since connection to Asian side was limited with Derince and Kosekoy. Also total cost including ferry and truck could have hardly been attractive for clients in Asian side compared with via Cerkezkoy rates.


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