High speed trains in Europe

High-speed lines in Europe are common since beginning of 1980s.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain built new special long distance high-speed tracks for 300 to 350 km/h.

Other countries like Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway have mainly shorter distances on high-speed, usually at 200 or 250 km/h.

Switzerland build it to operate in their hub and spoke system to reach within 60 minutes travel time in between major cities.

New long distance high-speed track developments are going on in Poland.

The report* shows some of European high-speed trains collected on different trips.

What’s inside?

High speed train in Austria
High speed train in Belgium-Czech Republic
High speed train in Finland
High speed train in Germany
High speed train in France
High speed train in Italy-Nederland
High speed train in Norway-Sweden
High speed train in Switzerland
High speed train in Turkey

by Peider Trippi, Switzerland ©

* All information by Wikipedia, Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge.com, train building companies and train operators. All pictures copyright by P.Trippi-Services. Otherwise see copyright note.

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