New Balo Container Wagons Arrived Turkey

Balo’s new container wagons expected to be operated between Manisa and Bandirma had recently arrived to Turkey. Wagons are kept in Kapikule for the registration process to be completed.

These 10 Sggrmss type wagons will be the first 90’ container wagons to be operated between two domestic stations. They are 29,59 meters long, and can take 2×45’ or 3×30’ or 4×20’ containers onto each wagon. They have 6 axles, which enables to carry upto 107 to in D-class and 92 to in C-class. The wagons are produced by Astra Rail and are 7 years old.

Wagons belong to Ireland based Touax. Touax is the second biggest intermodal wagon lessor in Europe. Touax also provided wagons to Omsan this year for the transportation of finished vehicles from Romania to Turkey.

Balo is currently operating trains to Europe departing from Tekirdag. The containers are taken to Bandirma Port from different industrial regions in Turkey, and transhipped by vessel from Bandirma Port to Tekirdag Port. These wagons are expected to be used between Manisa and Bandirma, which is the most busy domestic line of Balo.

News and photo: Zafer Pelivan ©
Translation: Onur Uysal

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