Silkworm Tram. Illustration: DurmazlarRailway Events

37 Turkish companies at Innotrans

Innotrans, the biggest railway fair in world, is soon to start in Berlin, in MesseBerlin during 23-26th of September.

37 companies from Turkey is going to participate as exhibitor to the fair. 4 among them will also present their vehicles in outdoor display area.

Durmazlar is attanding to fair with 2 vehicles. The tram “Silkworm” which is being used in Turkish city Bursa will be one of them. “Silkworm” had also been presented in Innotrans 2012. The engine and some parts are supplied by Siemens. Durmazlar will also present its LRV in fair.

Istanbul Ulasim, the company of Istanbul Municipality responsible for rail transport, is going to present “Istanbul Tram”. The complete design and engineering works of tram is done by Istanbul Ulasim. Tram is produced in cooperation with the local rail industry.

Bozankaya has also reserved a place for one vehicle. Bozankaya has plants in Germany and Turkey producing aliminium bodies for rail vehicle producers. Bozankaya will probably present one of the vehicles which it contributed to.

Hisarlar has no booth in fair, but will present its car Turkar Emara in outdoor display which can go both on land and rail and is designed for railway maintanance and repair.

Here’s the full list of exhibitors from Turkey:

Public Transportation

  • Asis (Hall 7.1a-222)
  • Bozankaya (CityCube Hall A-405)
  • Burulas (CityCube Hall A-104)
  • Gokyapi (CityCube Hall A-503)
  • Istanbul Ulasim (CityCube Hall A-409)
  • Savronik (CityCube Hall A-201)
  • TCDD (CityCube Hall A-202)

Railway Infrastructure

  • Akin (Hall 26-145)
  • Dumel (Hall 22-107)
  • Emas (Hall 26-139b)
  • Gurmak (Hall 25-211)
  • Ozkan (Hall 25-109)
  • Panel (Hall 26-136)
  • Proyapi (Hall 5.2-410)
  • Railcen (Hall 23-301)
  • Vaest (Hall 5.2-217)
  • Yapiray (Hall 23-310)

Railway Technologies

  • Asas (Hall 8.2-201)
  • Durmazlar (Hall 2.2-304)
  • Elektra (Hall 11.1-118)
  • Europower (Hall 11.1-213)
  • Gage (Hall 8.1-304)
  • Glokal (Hall 18-413)
  • Hisarlar (-)
  • Laspar – Angst + Pfister (Hall 9-411)
  • Mase (CityCube Hall B-308)
  • Sarkuysan (Hall 10.1-304)
  • Tubitak Marmara Research Center (Hall 15.1-212)
  • VIG (Hall 8.1-216)
  • Yavuzlar (CityCube Hall B-502)


  • Alnal (Hall 5.1-316)
  • Era (Hall 5.1-313)
  • Huroglu (Hall 3.1-230)
  • Medel (Hall 5.1-216)
  • Nane (Hall 5.1-311)
  • Olimpia (Hall 1.1-207)
  • Sazcilar (Hall 1.1-314)


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