154 - Derince Limanı - EksperRailway Infrastructure

Will Derince be a container port?

Last week Privatization Committee approved the tender for privatization of Derince Port for 39 years.

Takeover is expected to be realized after sign of contract and payment by Safi Kati Yakit.

There are more than 40 ports in Izmit region. Derince Port is the largest one with 419k sqm. But market share of port is far below, 3%. The leading 3 ports, Tupras, Yilport and Evyap has almost half of the loads handled by these ports.

Beside the port of Tupras, the rafinery company, which is handling its own loads, all other leading ports focused on container traffic. Yilport and Evyap have a total annual capacity of more than 1 million TEU.

Derince has never focused on containers until now. Although it’s the largest port in region, container yard is only 2% of the total port area. Derince Port is mainly prefered by project loads, finished vehicles and dry bulk loads.

However, container traffic is growing regularly and fast (7% every year). Thus, container lines are trying to use bigger vessels, and looking for suitable ports for these vessels.

Derince Port, as stated, is the largest port in region. Furthermore, the expansion plan is approved by the municipality. The port is permitted double its area by expanding over sea. That means Derince can expand upto 968k sqm. If realized, Derince Port will be twice as big as the DP World, which aims to be the biggest container port in region. Expanding over sea means longer and deeper berth, which allows a couple of huge container vessels (like post-panamax) to be handled. Strong railway connections will be another big advantage of Derince Port.

Below table shows the comparision of existing ports with the new ones:

154 - İzmit limanları* Port is under construction, figures from the website of port.
** Estimated figures for berth length and container capacity of new Derince Port.

It’s not known if the new owner, Safi Kati Yakit, which is mainly focused on dry bulk goods, will start such a big investment for a rented port for 39 years or not. If started Derince Port may focus on the target of being the biggest container port in region.

The most regular loads of Derince Port due to pricing policy, bulk goods (sand, sodi) and project loads (heavy machines, trams) will only be allowed to be handled in a limited part of the port. Unlike now, the handling/lashing services of these goods will start to be done by Derince Port.

Finished vehicles, if policy stay unchanged, will continue to use Derince Port. Some services provided by clients are expected to be given by port.

Giving service for a larger area by railway connections, which successfully realized by MIP Port, may be applied here as well. Regular container trains from Sakarya, Duzce, Eskisehir, Kutahya and Ankara may start.

Kosekoy Logistic Center may become the back storage area of Derince Port. Both for containers and trains. That may be the end of silence in Kosekoy Terminal.

With the value added services and storage facilities, port may become finished vehicle center. The limited usage of trains for finished vehicles due to railway disconnected storage areas may change in near future.

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©


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