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Public transport by rail in Turkish cities


Istanbul Municipality has the biggest rolling stock fleet amoung Turkish cities with 632 railcars. 126 new metro cars are agreed with Mitsubishi. All fleet is operated by İstanbul Ulaşım, a subsidary of Istanbul Municipality.

The total network on operation is 119 km and 43 km of metro line is under construction.



Current fleet is as follows: 348 metro cars (144 CAF, 112 Alstom, 92 Hyundai Rotem), 140 LRVs (105 ABB, 32 Duewag, 3 RTE), 132 trams (55 Bombardier, 37 Alstom, 34 Hyundai Rotem, 6 Gotha) and 12 others.

Marmaray, connecting two continents through Bosphorus Tunnel, is operated on national rail network by TCDD. Total length of the project is 76 km, 13 km of which is on operation. 440 rail cars are produced by Hyundai Rotem for Marmaray.

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