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Public transport by rail in Turkish cities


Izmir Metro, subsidary of Izmir Municipality, has a metro network of 15,5 km and a fleet of 77 metro cars (45 ABB + 32 CSR). 10 new rail cars of CSR will be added in 2014. 85 new rail cars are planned to be added to fleet by 2016. Izmir Municipality also started a tram project of total 22 km lines with 38 trams to be produced by Hyundai Rotem.


Izmir Metro

Izban, joint venture of Izmir Municipality and TCDD, is operating suburbian trains on 80 km of rail network. Izban has a fleet of 99 railcars (CAF) and 120 railcars (Hyundai Rotem) has started to be delivered in parties as well.

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