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Hyundai Rotem’s catenary-free tram to run in Izmir

Hyundai Rotem was recently selected as supplier of 38 trams for two new tram lines in Izmir to be constructed by Gulermak.

Hyundai Rotem akülü tramvay

This is Hyundai Rotem’s first winning of contract for tram and will be one of the first hybrid tram of Turkey.

Hyundai Rotem’s tram is made up of 5 modules, running on standard gauge (1435mm), using power supply of 750V DC and CBTC signalling system, weighing 43.1t, having 200 passenger capacity and maximum speed of 70 km/h.

The tram is able to use lithium-ion polymer battery together with the catenary system. With that, it can run without overhead electric wires where needed. It is possible to run 50km by a single charge. Another feature of the tram is the very low floor of 350mm.

This hybrid tram is produced after a 41 months national project started in December 2009.

With this contract, Hyundai Rotem has been awarded -in total- to supply more than 1000 cars including LRVs (Istanbul and Adana), EMUs (Ankara, Marmaray and Izban), DMUs (TCDD) and locos (TCDD).

Hyundai Rotem has a joint venture company together with TCDD, Hyundai Eurotem, which has a manufacturing facility in Adapazari, Turkey. This site will also be used for the trams.

The tram project of Izmir has two separate lines, Konak (12.6 km) and Karsiyaka (9.7 km).


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