Public transport by rail in Turkish cities

There are 12 cities in Turkey which has railway solutions within the city for public transport.

These cities which have at least one of the metro, tram or suburban train solutions are: Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Konya, Samsun, Adana, Antalya and Adapazari.

The total network is more than 500 kilometers and the rolling stock exceeds 1800 by now.

Various manufacturers are selected for the rolling stock. Railcars of ABB, AnsaldoBreda, Alstom, Bombardier, CAF, CNS, Duewag, Durmazlar, Gotha, Hyundai Rotem, Istanbul Ulasim, Siemens and Skoda are running in Turkish cities.

Here are the rail network lengths and rolling stock fleet details of Turkish cities:


Istanbul Municipality has the biggest rolling stock fleet amoung Turkish cities with 632 railcars. 126 new metro cars are agreed with Mitsubishi. All fleet is operated by İstanbul Ulaşım, a subsidary of Istanbul Municipality.

The total network on operation is 119 km and 43 km of metro line is under construction.


Current fleet is as follows: 348 metro cars (144 CAF, 112 Alstom, 92 Hyundai Rotem), 140 LRVs (105 ABB, 32 Duewag, 3 RTE), 132 trams (55 Bombardier, 37 Alstom, 34 Hyundai Rotem, 6 Gotha) and 12 others.

Marmaray, connecting two continents through Bosphorus Tunnel, is operated on national rail network by TCDD. Total length of the project is 76 km, 13 km of which is on operation. 440 rail cars are produced by Hyundai Rotem for Marmaray.


Izmir Metro, subsidary of Izmir Municipality, has a metro network of 15,5 km and a fleet of 77 metro cars (45 ABB + 32 CSR). 10 new rail cars of CSR will be added in 2014. 85 new rail cars are planned to be added to fleet by 2016. Izmir Municipality also started a tram project of total 22 km lines with 38 trams to be produced by Hyundai Rotem.

Izmir Metro

Izban, joint venture of Izmir Municipality and TCDD, is operating suburbian trains on 80 km of rail network. Izban has a fleet of 99 railcars (CAF) and 120 railcars (Hyundai Rotem) has started to be delivered in parties as well.


EGO, the department of Ankara Municipality responsible for transportation, is operating a fleet of 141 railcars (108 Bombardier, 33 Ansaldo Breda). Ankara Municipality had an agreement with CSR for 324 railcars. Network on operation is 55 km and 10 km is under construction

Ankara Metro

Ankara suburbian line is 37 km long and operated by TCDD. 96 EMU sets produced by Hyundai Rotem is on operation. There is a project (Baskentray) to improve the line.


Burulas, the subsidary of Bursa Municipality, is operating trams and light rail vehicles on a 48 km network. Fleet consists of 111 railcars: 99 LRVs (44 Siemens, 30 Bombardier, 25 Duewag) and 12 trams (6 Durmazlar, 6 Gotha & M6 C).

Bursa – Bursaray ve Burtram
Silkworm Tram

Eskisehir Municipality is operating on a soon-extended 36.5 km network. The fleet consists of 33 trams (Bombardier).

Eskişehir - Estram

Kayseri Ulasim, subsidary of Kayseri Municipality, is operating trams on a 33,6 km network with 38 railcars produced by Ansaldo Breda. Kayseri Ulasim has agreed to have 30 more trams from Bozankaya. 3,5 km is under construction and is about to open.

Kayseri Tram

Gaziantep Municipality is operating trams on a 26 km network. 6 km new line is also under construction. Gaziantep is currently using old trams of Frankfurt (Duewag) and has a fleet of 25 railcars. In parallel with the extension of network, Gaziantep Municipality finalized a new tender where 28 Alstom railcars will be added to fleet. Gaziantep Municipality is planning to operate a suburbian line on 25 km of national rail network in cooperation with TCDD. Project is named as Gaziray.


Konya Municipality has a rail network of 22 km on operation and 14 km under construction. In addition to 60 Duewag railcars, 72 new railcars (Skoda) has started to be added to fleet and will be completed until 2015.

Skoda Trams

Samulas, subsidary of Samsun Municipality responsible for railway transport is operating on a 15,7 km network with 21 railcars (16 Ansaldo Breda, 5 CNR).

Samsun Tram

Adana Municipality has a tram network of 13,5 km and is operating 36 railcars produced by Hyundai Rotem.


Antalya Ulasim, a subsidary of Antalya Municipality, is operating trams on a 11 km network by 14 railcars by CAF. There is also a old tram line with 6 railcars.

Antalya - Antray
Antalya – Antray

Adapazari Municipality is operating 2 train sets with 6 railcars produced by Hyundai Rotem in 10 km of national rail network passing through Adapazari.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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