Urban Transport by Rail in Izmir

There is metro and suburban service in Izmir. Izmir’s has the biggest ridership among suburban services in Turkey.

Network in Use : 96 km*

Lines Under Construction : 78 km*

Rolling Stockin Use: 276*

Rolling Stock Orders : 180*

Daily Ridership : 630k*

* Including Izban (as of February 2015)


Rail Map of Izmir
Rail Map of Izmir

Metro network is 15.5 km long in Izmir and operated by subsidiary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Metro.

There’s also a 80 km long suburban line in Izmir which runs on national railway network and operated by a joint venture company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD.

Izban: Suburban trains of Izmir


Daily ridership of Izmir Metro is 350k.

Daily ridership of Izban is 280k.

Rolling Stock

There are 77 rail cars running in Izmir’s metro system (45 ABB + 32 CSR). 10 more manufactured and delivered by CSR in the beginning of March 2015 will soon start service.

33 CAF sets (99 rail cars), 10 EMU sets (30 rail cars) rented from TCDD and 20 Hyundai Rotem sets (60 rail cars) are currently being used in Izban suburban system.

New Projects

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started two tram lines in early 2015. Deadline is 2017 for both of the projects. Both will have 85k daily capacity.

Karsiyaka Tram Route
Karsiyaka Tram Route
Konak Tram Route
Konak Tram Route

30 km will be added to Izban netxork in second half of 2015 (Torbali extension). The suburban line will reach to 136 km when recently started construction works completed (Selcuk extension). The service will be given between Bergama and Selcuk, when 185 km long project is fully completed.

Extension of Fleet

17 new metro sets (85 rail cars) will be added to metro fleet due to contract with CSR. Projects is worth TL 192mn. Daily capacity of Izmir Metro will reach to 750k with these rail cars.

20 more Izban sets produced by Hyundai Rotem will be delivered in 2015. The EMU sets rented from TCDD will probably be given back. The target for Izban service is 450k daily ridership after extension of fleet.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality agreed to buy 38 trams from Hyundai Rotem. Catenary-free hybrid trams are the first sale of Hyundai Rotem.

Cover photo: Izmir Metro AS

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