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Rail transport in Izmir

Izmir is one of the Turkish cities using rail effectively.

Last update: October 2020

Izmir has the longest suburban service in Turkey, a short but a very busy metro line and two new tram lines.

The suburban service is successfully integrated with other services and has become the backbone of Izmir.

Construction works continue for a new metro line. Project works for another metro line and a tram line continues.

136 km long suburban line

136-km-long suburban network is the longest one in Turkey. Together with 20-km-long metro and 22-km-long tram, total rail network of Izmir reaches to 178 km.

Izmir has 219 suburban cars, 182 metro cars and 38 tram sets:

  • 219 suburban cars (120 Hyundai Rotem, 99 CAF)
  • 182 metro cars (45 ABB, 137 CRRC)
  • 38 Hyundai Rotem sets

203 million pax

Ridership reaches to 203 million in 2018. This is the max ridership per city population in Turkey. Citizens use rail 72 times annually.

Ridership in Izmir

Izmir has 20-km-long metro network. One of the busiest one in Turkey.

136-km-long suburban line is the longest one in Turkey. It’s well integrated with other transport services and has become the backbone of the city.

Two tram lines were commissioned in late 2017 and early 2018. They were due to several changes in projects. They are connecting seaside of Izmir to other transport services.

Narlidere metro was prioritized

There are 3 new metro project, one tram project and 2 suburban line extension projects. Narlidere metro has the top priority. Another metro and a tram project will soon start.

  • Tender for Narlidere (Fahrettin Altay-Kaymakamlık) metro was done in January 2018. Construction works started in 2019. Half of the Izmir’s rail investment budget is allocated for this project in 2020.
  • EBRD agreed to provide fund for 13.5-km-long Buca metro. Tender in January 2021.
  • Tender will be held in 2020 for 11-km-long Karsiyaka-Cigli tram.

The other projects on the table are:

  • Extension of Izban suburban line to Bergama
  • Karabaglar metro from airport to Halkapinar
  • Mixed transport (suburban+HST) from Halkapinar to main bus station.

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