Konya-Karaman-Adana rail service changes

Starting from 01 December 2014, the line between Konya and Karaman is closed because of track doubling and electrification work.

Trains are scheduled to reopen from 01 April 2015.

The DMU shuttle service which ran between Konya and Karaman is replaced by a bus service, connecting with the YHT services to / from Ankara. Journey time 75 minutes, non-stop.

Karaman depart 07:00 / 09:30 / 11:45 / 14:10 / 16:30 / 19:10

Konya depart 08:40 / 11:20 / 13:10 / 15:45 / 17:35 / 20:10

The TCDD website does not give any information regarding alternative services for the intermediate stations of Kasinhan, Cumra, and Arikoren. Presumably these are temporarily de-serviced.

Train 61305 07:01 Adana – Konya “Toros Express” terminates at Karaman at 12:18, and is formed by a DMU set.

Train 71306 16:00 Konya – Adana “Toros Express” starts from Karaman at 16:35, and is formed by a DMU set.

I don’t think there are any facilities to turn a loco at Karaman, and the DMUs off the Konya – Karaman shuttle will be spare, so hence the use of DMUs on this pair of services.

Train 61125 15:45 Adana – Konya “Icanadolu Mavi” is cancelled.

Train 11126 06:30 Konya – Adana “Icanadolu Mavi” is cancelled.

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  1. This is a much welcome addition to the Turkish passenger rail offering from TCDD. The Konya-Karaman DMU service was a nice way to take advantage of the improvements offered by the YHT service (making an Ankara to Karaman day return trip possible, for example), but didn’t run very frequently. I wonder if TCDD intends to return rail service to all of the intermediate stations. In my (admittedly limited) experience, intermediate passenger counts were very low, with the exception of Cumra.


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