What Happened in 2014?

We are about to complete an active year for railways in Turkey.

Undoubtfully, the most important event of this year was the start of Istanbul-Eskisehir-Ankara high speed train service.

An important progress was the reconnection of Europe and Asia after 2 years of closure.

Innotrans 2014, the biggest railway event in the world, had opened its doors this year. Railway companies from Turkey participated with 37 booths and 4 railway cars.

Opening of Hasanbey Logistics Center, usage of T1/T2 documents which simlyfy the customs process of containers in railways, many trial car trains to Derince, special train tours through Turkey, Ulusoy’s new trailer train were good news of this year.

Closure of Nusaybin railway due to war in Syria, cancellation of 10 high speed train set tender, start and end of vessel+train service of Global Multimodal, withdrawal of IFB from Turkey, many closures of railways in Balkan region due to flood and construction works were the bad news.

Here are the highlights of 2014:


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