Railway Events

What happened in 2014?

We are about to complete an active year for railways in Turkey.

Here are the highlights of 2014:

  • Most important progress for rail logistics was the reconnection of Europe and Asia after 2 years of closure.
  • One of the 18 logistic centers planned by TCDD was opened in Eskisehir.
  • Eurasia Rail 2014 opened its doors in Istanbul with almost 300 participants on March.
  • Containers can go till customs without any additional process in Balo Trains by T1/T2 documents.
  • Global Multimodal had started container service by sea+rail vial Constanta, and ended after a few months.
  • Tender for privatization of Derince Port was completed, but takeover has not been done yet.
  • Freight service between Europe and Asia had started by opening of Tekirdag-Derince ferry and Derince-Bilecik line.
  • Trailer trains from Trieste connected with Ro-Ro service grew very fastly.
  • IFB stopped running container trains to Turkey.
  • Ulusoy Logistics started the first trailer train to/from Turkey.
  • Istanbul Ankara high speed train service started with 6 departures in each direction.
  • A number of automotive companies had organized trial car trains to Turkey.
  • Nusaybin-Gaziantep railway was closed to railway traffic due to war in Syria.
  • World’s biggest railway fair, Innotrans, opened its doors. 37 companies and 4 railway cars from Turkey were there.
  • A number of private train tours were held through Turkey. Danube Express was the most famous one.
  • Istanbul Konya high speed train service started. 2 departures in both directions every day.


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