What happened in 2014?

We are about to complete an active year for railways in Turkey.

Here are the highlights of 2014:

Most important progress for rail logistics was the reconnection of Europe and Asia after 2 years of closure.

One of the 18 logistic centers planned by TCDD was opened in Eskisehir.

Eurasia Rail 2014 opened its doors in Istanbul with almost 300 participants on March.

Containers can go till customs without any additional process in Balo Trains by T1/T2 documents.

Balo Train
Photo: Konstantin Planinski

Global Multimodal had started container service by sea+rail vial Constanta, and ended after a few months.

Tender for privatization of Derince Port was completed, but takeover has not been done yet.

Freight service between Europe and Asia had started by opening of Tekirdag-Derince ferry and Derince-Bilecik line.

Trailer trains from Trieste connected with Ro-Ro service grew very fastly.

IFB stopped running container trains to Turkey.

Ulusoy Logistics started the first trailer train to/from Turkey.

Istanbul Ankara high speed train service started with 6 departures in each direction.

İstanbul Ankara hızlı treni
Photo: TCDD

A number of automotive companies had organized trial car trains to Turkey.

Nusaybin-Gaziantep railway was closed to railway traffic due to war in Syria.

World’s biggest railway fair, Innotrans, opened its doors. 37 companies and 4 railway cars from Turkey were there.

A number of private train tours were held through Turkey. Danube Express was the most famous one.

Istanbul Konya high speed train service started. 2 departures in both directions every day.

rail turkey visited 100k times

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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