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The new electric locos of Turkey: Hyundai E68000

TCDD is getting prepared to extend its electric locomotive fleet with brand-new E68000s.

Hyundai-Rotem is the contract holder of 80 electric locomotives with 5 MW power (6800 HP). First eight locomotives were built in South Korea. Rest will be built/assembled in Tulomsas. Local supply will reach up to 30%. The electrical parts of the locomotives will be supplied by Skoda from Czech Republic.

The locomotives are planned to be used first in regional trains between Adapazari and Pendik by the beginning of 2015.

TCDD’s new locomotives will have following features:

  • Axle arrangement is Bo’Bo’
  • Supply voltage is 25kV 50 Hz
  • Tare is 86 to
  • Max service speed of 140 km/h
  • In case of service failure of a traction inverter, not all but only that traction will be eliminated from operation.
  • Fitted with electrodynamic recuperative brake.
  • Provide heating and lighting for accomadation wagons.
  • Work efficiently with an 800t freight between Karakoy and Bilecik (27,7 ‰).

The first two locomotives have been tested since July 2013. Test are being held both in conventional line and high speed line. They are also being tested on the other electrified stretch, Divrigi-Iskenderun since September 2014. As written in railway magazine RailVolution, a warm-up test took place with an 1880 t freight between Eskisehir and Ankara, 300 km, involving a stretch of line with a max ascending gradient of 20 ‰.

Delivery of 80 locomotives is expected to be completed by 2015. Tulomsas has been producing 4 locomotives/month.

Currently TCDD has 37 Toshiba electric locomotives (E43000) and 8 Koncar electric locomotives (E52500). Almost all are 20 years old or more. 8 Koncar are the ones left from 20 hired locomotives from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. “8 Koncar are the ones left from 20 hired locomotives from Croatian Railways.”
    I suppose they are rentals from Bosnian Railways.

    • Yes, you are right.. The producer is from Crotia, but locos belong to Bosnian Railways. Thank you for your attention. Will make the correction righ away..


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