Railway Infrastructure

The new Van Lake ferry to start soon

Van Lake rail ferry connection, which has been a bottleneck for eastward rail freight, is going to be improved with soon-to-start new rail ferry.

One of the two ferries is planned to start in May 2015.

Since existing ferries on Van Lake are very old and insufficient, TCDD had opened a tender for 2 new rail ferries each having 50 wagons capacity and two ports/ramps in Tatvan and Van.

Due to the cancellation of two tenders and a case opened by a company, the project delayed for years. Finally, on 15.07.2011, Nursoy won the 3rd tender.

As stated by Project Manager of Nursoy, Mr Celalettin Kilicoglu, both ferries are under construction. He told that the deadline for construction of ferries and ports was 08.01.2015 according to contract.

However, due to technical reasons, delays had occured, and due time had been postponed to 31.12.2015. The first ferry will be launched by 31.12.2014, where 31.12.2015 is the launch date of second ferry.

After the launch of first ferry, the furnishing of ferry will start which includes passenger lounge and seats, furniture, toilets,  staff rooms and a cafe. The ferry is expected to start service in May 2015.

The contract worths 47 250 000 Euro.

Each of 2 ferries has a capacity of 4 500 to. There are 4 lines in each ferry, which can take 20 wagons of Habis, Gabs, Sgs or Rilns, or 35 wagons of Gbs, Hbbillnss, Ks, Ea or Zaes, or 50 wagons of E or Fas. Transit time between two ports will be 3.5 hours.

Some features of ferries:

  • Length : 135.66 m
  • Width : 24 m
  • Depth : 6 m
  • Draft : 4.20 m
  • Speed : 14 Knot


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