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Tuvasas coaches to Iraq by sea

Tuvasas opened a tender for transport of 14 passenger coaches produced for Iraq Railways (IRR). Deadline for tender is 20th of March.

The order is 14 TVS 2000 type coaches. 6 standard coaches, 4 couchettes, 2 sleepers and 2 restaurant wagons had a technical inspection and accepted by IRR at the beginning of this year. Since railway connection to Iraq is closed, coaches will be delivered by sea.

Tuvasas signed a MoU with IRR in 2009, and started production in 2011. The project is worth USD 14.8 mn. Production of coaches completed in 2014.

Tuvasas had also exported passenger coaches to Bulgarian Railways (BDZ). The order was 30 coaches worth EUR 32 mn. That was the first entry to Europe market and thus given high priority. Europe and Asia was railway disconnected at that time, thus coaches were transported by trucks to Edirne at that time.

Tuvasas, a subsidiary of TCDD, is producing TVS 2000 type passenger coaches and DMU sets. Company is also dealing with the maintenance and modernization of all passenger coaches. Tuvasas is also responsible for the “National Train Project”, the production of 4-cars EMUs with 160 km/h speed.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Who said that Turkey could be a rail hub between Europe and Asia?
    This is the same dream over for the past 100 years and never happening.
    Rail in Anatolia is in fact a niche player on some very specific markets.

  2. السلام عليكم ..عند اجراء الفحص التشغيلي للعربات التركية التي وصلت المحطة المركزية في بغداد ظهر مايلي 1-ثلاث من العربات لم يصلها تجهيز الكهرباء واقصد انها لاتعمل نهائيا 2- قسم من العربات تعمل تكييف ووصلت لها القدرة المجهزه 1500 فولت ولكن التبريد يعمل يونت واحد فقط 3- البعض الاخر يعمل بصورة جيدة 4- تم فحص جميع قواطع الدورة والمفاتيح ووجدت تعمل ولكن دون جدوى حيث ان العربات باقية غير مجهزه بالقدرة الكهربائية لوجود خلل فيها 5- عند تنظيم الثرموستات الخاص بدرجة الحرارة الخاص بالتبريد على درجة 20 يعود تلقائيا بعد الاطفاء الى 23 درجة مما يتطلب اعادته الى 20 درجة لكل بداية تشغيل وهذا غير ممكن


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