Railway Infrastructure

Balikesir Gokkoy logistics center opens today

Another logistic center which TCDD is building countrywide, Balikesir Gokkoy Logistic Center opens today.

Logistic center is 212k sqm, 8k of which is administration buildings, and has a concrete storage/handling area of 60k sqm. By the opening of logistic center, all logistic activities will be moved to Gokkoy Logistic Center from Balikesir Central Station, and there’ll be additional capacity of 1 mn to in Balikesir.

In 2007, Balikesir Municipality agreed with TCDD to relocate logistic activities, which has been done in Balikesir Central Station. Station would only be used for passenger trains, where all logistic activities would be done at Gokkoy region, which is next to Balikesir Industrial Zone. Excess area of 50k sqm of Central Station would be redesigned by municipality as parks and low-density commercial buildings.

TCDD is planning to have logistic activities about automotive, container, wood, marble, food, minerals, coal, military good, iron ore in the logistic center.

Balikesir Gokkoy Logistic Center is one of the 19 logistic centers TCDD already announced. Until now, Samsun (Gelemen), Usak, Denizli (Kaklik), Izmit (Kosekoy), Eskisehir (Hasanbey) and Halkali logistic centers opened. Halkali is currently close to railway traffic.



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