Who is Jean Patrick Charrey?

Webmaster of Trains of Turkey. Currently working as Information Technology Manager in France.

His interest in Turkey arised when he was working in Turkey as junior engineer for electrification of Divrigi-Iskenderun railway. “TCDD had the flavor of an old time railway, and network impressed me: a mountain network with steep gradients and adverse weather conditions… Finally I discovered that the Turkish railways had a rich history that ties to most of the key events of the 20th century” he wrote in Trains of Turkey. is a wiki engine based website, prepared in English, and open to contribution of anyone. The site deals with all aspect relating to railways in Turkey, from rolling stock to infrastructure, maintenance, operation.

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Jean Patrick Charrey

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  1. I would like to thank Onur for inviting me to participate. His blog is very complementary to He is looking at the present and the future, while is more looking at the past. He is looking at business and operations while is more into technical facts.

    • You are very welcome.. I have to thank you for sharing so much valuable information both in Trains of Turkey and Rail Turkey..


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