Who reads Rail Turkey? – 2015

Celebrating its 2nd anniversary last March, Rail Turkey became not only the most important resource about information and discussions about Turkish railways, but also one of the most visited ones.

According to Alexa, Rail Turkey is #1 among railway Turkish railway journals/reviews in English and #3 in Turkish.

We run fast

Rail Turkey is so far visited 250k times in 2015 tripling previous period (85k in first 10 months of 2014). See how we grew since kick off:

Rail Turkey Visits
Visits to Rail Turkey’s English and Turkish Pages*

Rail Turkey is mainly read in Turkey, but has a significant follower from all over the world:

Rail Turkey Visits
Visit of Origin in 2015 *
We’re followed all over the World

Other countries that Rail Turkey’s visitors are coming from can be classified as follows:

Rail Turkey Visits
Visit of Origin in 2015 *

See top 10 countries of origin in 2015:

Turkey (Turkish pages) 149.821
Germany 14.041
Turkey (English pages) 13.691
USA 10.363
UK 7.833
France 3.561
Netherlands 3.292
Russia 3.055
Czech Republic 2.607
Romania 2.508
Switzerland 2.315
Other 146 countries 38.923

Note the followers visiting English pages from Turkey. We are glad to have significant interest from expats in Turkey (3rd rank in the list).

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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