338 - Ulusoy intermodal treniRailway Companies

Ulusoy’s semi trailer wagons now on rails of Turkey

Wagons carrying semi trailers, the new trendy transport mode on Turkey-Europe route, run for the first time on Turkish rail network for a domestic transport.

Ulusoy Logistics, the owner of the first regular semi trailer train between Turkey and Europe, had tried semi trailer wagons between Kosekoy and Mersin. Four semi trailers were loaded onto two pocket wagons at Kosekoy and they succesfully arrived Mersin.

Semi trailers of Ulusoy Logistics were carried on pocket wagons supplied by DB Schenker Rail in this transport. TCDD officers also took part in this project where semi trailer had been transported for the first time in Asian part of Turkey. With this trial, Kosekoy-Mersin railway was confirmed for P/C 400 intermodal loading gauge.

Loads of two leading companies of Turkey were transported with this trial. Istanbul-Adana is one of the busiest route in Turkey. If this service succeeds, a lot of trucks could be taken out of roads.

Carrying semi-trailers on trains from inner regions to Mersin Port and taking them to Europe by roro may be another hot project in coming days.

Since domestic transportation is mainly organized upon trucks, semi trailer trains may play a critical role for shifting Turkish industry to trains.

Cover Photo: Ulusoy ©


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