Raise in train fares

TCDD announced raise in train fares in some passenger routes. No change is announced for freight trains.

TCDD, increased train fares in some routes beginning with 15th of January. Ticket fares in Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Konya high speed trains, Eskisehir-Denizli, Izmir-Bandirma main line trains stay the same, where fares increased by 10% in many regional and main line trains.

Here are old and new ticket fares in some routes:

Train Old Fare (TL) New Fare (TL)
Ankara-Izmir 38 44
Ankara-Tatvan 38 47
Izmir-Bandirma 23 23
Eskisehir-Denizli 35 35
Ankara-Kars 43 47
Istanbul-Konya (YHT) 85 85
Istanbul-Ankara (YHT) 70 70

TCDD will continue using last year’s freight train tariff. The increase in freight train tariff at the beginning of last year was criticised by the railway logistics companies which can hardly compete with the trucks.


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