Railway Companies

Competition on intermodal jumps to East Europe

The competition on intermodal lines which heated up on Turkey-West Europe corridor now jumps to East Europe.

The LSPs which has grown very fast with their intermodal solutions (both container and trailer) via Trieste now turn their faces towards East Europe.

The biggest intermodal traffic between Turkey and East Europe is held currently by Metrans. Metrans is running 5 trains per week in each direction between Turkey and Slovakia.

The first company to introduce intermodal service via Trieste, Ekol Logistics, is planning to increase the frequency of its intermodal train between Trieste and Ostrava from four to six.

Alternative Transport is working on a roro connection between Istanbul and Constanta, similar to Trieste. If succeeded, Constanta may be the hub for intermodal connections to East Europe.

Another company to set up a intermodal line to East Europe is Rail Cargo. Rail Cargo declared that they are working on an intermodal line between Turkey and Poland which is expected to start in April.

Mars Logistics, having the second biggest intermodal traffic via Trieste, has also plans for East Europe in 2016. Mars Logistics General Manager Ali Tulgar stated that they already started working on an intermodal line to East Europe and plan to open line within this year.

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