Urban Transport

Best offer for Izmir monorail by Tekfen

Offers for preliminary analysis of Izmir monorail project opened.

The offers for the tender of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the monorail system connecting Izban (suburban srevice) to new exhibition area (Fuar Izmir) opened. Best offer is given by Tekfen.

Six companies have given offers. Winner will give consultancy for this monorail project and prepare preliminary analysis for the route, station and train sets.

The 2.2-km-long monorail system will connect suburban service of Izmir (Izban) to new exhibition area (Fuar Izmir). Driverless sets will run on double track line.

İzmir monoray hattı

Izmir monorail

The line will start at Esbas station of Izban, cross Akcay Street, follow highway and reach to Fuar Izmir.


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