Changes in Izmir-Balikesir trains

TCDD announced changes in passenger services on Izmir-Balikesir-Bandirma section due to electrifcaton and renewal works.

Electrification works to complete all sections on Izmir-Ankara railway will focus on south of Balikesir beginning with next month. Engineering works will start on 9th of February, and is planned to last 4 months.

Due to engineering works, TCDD announced following changes:

Karesi Express running between Balikesir-Izmir will run between Izmir and Soma except Sundays. There’ll be connected bus services between Soma and Balikesir.

Timetable and details of Karesi Express

Ege Express running between Balikesir and Izmir will be suspended temporarily between 09.02.2016 and 09.06.2016.

Timetable and details of Ege Express

Departure dates of 6 Eylul Express running between Izmir and Bandirma will be 13:30 from Bandirma and 07:00 from Alsancak between 09.02.2016 and 09.06.2016.

Timetable and details of 6 Eylul Express


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