Changes in Izmir – Balikesir Trains

TCDD announced changes in passenger services on Izmir-Balikesir-Bandirma section due to electrifcaton and renewal works.

Electrification works to complete all sections on Izmir-Ankara railway will focus on south of Balikesir beginning with next month. Engineering works will start on 9th of February, and is planned to last 4 months.

Due to engineering works, TCDD announced following changes:

  • Karesi Express running between Balikesir-Izmir will run between Izmir and Soma except Sundays. There’ll be connected bus services between Soma and Balikesir.
  • Ege Express running between Balikesir and Izmir will be suspended temporarily between 09.02.2016 and 09.06.2016.
  • Departure dates of 6 Eylul Express running between Izmir and Bandirma will be 13:30 from Bandirma and 07:00 from Alsancak between 09.02.2016 and 09.06.2016.

Photo: Ali Karip


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