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Istanbul public transport guide

You just arrived Istanbul. And you would like to see city using public transport, avoiding taxis and traffic jam if possible.

Transportation in this crowded, rapid and unplanned grown city is not easy. Nevertheless, the biggest portion of city budget is being spent for transportation, and you can reach to many points by public transport.

Here below Rail Turkey presents the Istanbul Public Transport Guide:

What’s inside?

Rail systems
Ferry (vapur)
Minibus and dolmus
Mobile applications

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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    • Ahh.. It’s in English.. But the index part was directing to Turkish pages by mistake. Now corrected. Thanks for your warning.

  1. Thank you Onur – this is really useful. Google Maps is also very helpful in deciphering Istanbul’s buses. The buses in Istanbul are so fast!! Not like in England where they are painfully slow! 😀

  2. je veux prendre un bus de Istanbul à Konya. Les horaires de départ et les tarifs.


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