Rail Freight

50% discount by Iran Railways

Iran Railways (RAI) announced 50% additional discount for transit rail freight via Iran.

Iran Railways (RAI) started 50% additonal discounted tariff for transit rail freight starting from 09.02.2016. The discount will be valid until 30.06.2016 . The discount will be valid for conventional wagons and container transports.

Last year, this additional discount was only applied to transit rail freight between Razi and Sarakhs. This year, it’s extended to all transit transports between Razi, Sahlan, Jolfa, Sarakhs, Incheborun ve Amirabad Port stations.

With this additional discount, Iran started to apply 75% discount in TEA tariff for conventional and 20′ containers, and 67.5% discount for 40′ containers.

Iran officers stated last year that the transit loads by rail will be encouraged. TCDD also announced discounts for international rail freight to/via Iran at the beginning of this year.


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