527 - Halkalı Terminali - OnurRailway Infrastructure

Trucks left Halkalı for trains

Halkali, Turkey’s most important export customs, has started to serve only trains. The new address for trucks is now Catalca.

Preparations at Catalca, 40 km west of Istanbul, had been completed and customs office at Halkali had moved to Catalca last month. Halkali started to be used only by trains.

Since train station customs office is still in Halkali, customs operations will continue. There’s more space for train operations at Halkali now. But many customs agencies moved to Catalca, which may cause delays at Halkali. Since conventional trains are not allowed to Halkali, trucking services will hardly survive there.

By high speed train and suburban service (Marmaray) connections in forthcoming years, Halkali will be an important hub not only for freight trains, but also for passenger trains.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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