Railway projects to kick off in 2016

Railway keeps an important space in investments of 2016. In additon to long list of ongoing projects, following projects will kick off with having budget for the first time:

  Progress in 2016 Target Date
Konya high speed train station 67% 2017
Sinan-Batman railway 44% 2017
Kirikkale-Samsun high speed line preliminary analysis 34% 2017
Sabiha Gokcen airport railway 25% 2018
Eskisehir-Antalya high speed line preliminary analysis 24% 2017
Yerkoy-Ulukisla conventional line preliminary analysis 23% 2017
Big Istanbul Tunnel preliminary analysis 21% 2017
Nemrut Bay railway 19% 2017
Erzincan-Kars high speed line preliminary analysis 14% 2017
Manisa-Afyonkarahisar electrification/signalization 10% 2018
Adana-Toprakkale second track 7% 2018

New high speed lines were the most interesting ones in the list. Preliminary analysis will be started for three new lines: Kirikkale-Samsun, Eskisehir-Antalya and Erzincan-Kars. Analysis are expected to be completed next year. Earliest date for tender and construction is 2018.

High speed train lines slow down

Another project taking public interest is Big Istanbul Tunnel connecting European and Asian sides of Istanbul by road and rail. Target for completion of analysis is again next year.

Big Istanbul Tunnel in 10 Questions

The Nemrut Bay rail connection, looking forward by plants and ports in that area is within the list of projects to kick off this year. Only 19% progress this year with limited budget. Project is expected to be completed in next year.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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