Railway Events

Wind of change at DTD

The new board of Railway Transportation Association (DTD) gave signals for change in the structure of the association.

The old boards of association were mainly from logistics companies where this year four members are from manufacturers and railway clients. The new board is as follows:

  • Chairman : Ozcan Salkaya (KLN Logistics)
  • Vice Chairman : Recep Soyak (VA-KO)
  • Vice Chairman : Ercan Gulec (AR-GU)
  • General Secretary : Omer Bacanli (Medlog)
  • Treasurer : Onur Kucukakdere (Eti Logistics)
  • Member : Asli Dogan (TUPRAS)
  • Member : Emre Altinoglu (Siemens)
  • Member : Asim Suzen (Rayvag)
  • Member : Erdin Erengul (Mars Logistics)

New board will work for two years.


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