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Test runs started on Antalya Expo line

Test runs started on Antalya’s new tram line to Expo 2016 with a ceremony.

Unlike what was announced before, the line has not started commercial service yet. The tram service between city center and airport/Expo area will start within 3-4 weeks, after test runs completed.

The 18-km-long new tram line will be the only rail service between city center and Expo area. Thus, the project was speeded up for catching up the opening of Expo 2016 on 23rd of April, about 300 days before the original deadline.

Although the tracks, electrification and signalization seem ready on 18-km-long line, the construction works continue on stations and overpasses. And test runs must also be completed before commercial service begins.

The new tram of Antalya was also used in test run (see in cover picture). This new set, produced by Hyundai Eurotem, is one of the two sets delivered recently, first party of 18-trams-order.

The deliveries of remaining 16 trams will be done during next 8 months, so service will start with low frequency and can reach to peak after all trams delivered.

Although the line was announced to have 16 stations at the beginning, the line is expected to open with fewer stations next month. Except the EXPO and Airport, the line is not crossing through very dense areas, thus some stations may not be vital at the beginning. But the service will surely encourage expansion of city towards east where city has reached its limits on all other directions.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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