Rolling Stock

Tulomsas got TSI for Eanoss

Tulomsas, subsidiary of TCDD mainly for loco production, continues to add new freight wagons to its portfolio.

The company completed TSI certification for Eanoss type freight wagon.

Eanoss is a 14.5m-long open-top box wagon and has a capacity of 64.7 to. Tulomsas got an order of 203 Eanoss wagons from TCDD for 2016.

This is the second TSI certificated freight wagon of Tulomsas. Company had completed TSI certification of Rilnns type wagon last year, and had produced 200 wagons for TCDD in 2015. TCDD gave additional 100 Rilnns type wagons for this year.

Tulomsas is also working on Rgns type wagon.


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