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New Samsun tram line ready by October

Construction works on new tram line of Samsun is going to be completed on 10th of October.

Ground works had started in 2015 and track laying in 2016 in Samsun’s new line, Gar-Tekkekoy. Laying of tracks has completed by 65% and power stations by 70% in the project. Electrification works and stations also continue as scheduled.

Samsun Tram Routes

Samsun Tram Routes by Onur Uysal

For some of the works, the contractor company will start working 3 shifts/24 hours and all construction works are expected to be completed on 10th of October, as announced before.
As the tram network will increase from 16 km to 30 km with this new line, Municipality had opened a tender for 8 new tram cars. The producer, Durmazlar, will deliver the first 2 trams in September, and will completed deliveries in 4 months.

If construction works will be completed on 10th of October, test runs will last a while and commercial service on new line will probably start in November.

New line will connect city center to new stadium, sports center, exhibition center and two industrial zones.

This extension project was speeded up to catch up the Deaflympics to be held in Samsun in 2017.


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